New Start Menu

All the features in Windows 11 the new style floating Start Menu is the boldest change to Microsoft’s future desktop OS

New Action Center

I love a whole new set of action settings in the Action Center

Universal Media Control


And with the new action center in windows, you can manage all your media play back

New Microsoft Store

Another great new feature in Windows 11 is the redesigned Microsoft Store

Android Support in Windows 11

Windows 11 that makes some impact is that users on this platform can access Android apps through the Amazon App Store

Faster Windows

Updates Yes, you read that right

Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions is amongst the many new features in Windows 11 that adds something fresh to Microsoft’s desktop OS

Voice Typing

Voice Typing is one of my favorite Windows 11 features because it’s such an excellent tool for making typing easier and for accessibility

Snappy Animations

One of windows 11 coolest feature are smooth animation in UI

Modern File Explorer

One thing that got people up in arms about Windows was the File Explorer on Windows