Best way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature Update

Best way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature Update

The Moment 4 Windows 11 feature upgrade isn’t supposed to occur until September 26th with Windows 11 Update Stable Channel for “the broader customer populace”. But if patience isn’t your thing, you can install it now. In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to install Windows 11 Update Moment 4 (and later) before or after its September 26, 2023, launch.

Cool Feature in Windows 11 Moment 4 Update

  1. New Windows Backup app: In no time with the new Windows Backup app, you have your current PC backup and ready for you to take with you on a new PC. Both on taskbar and in Start menu, your Store apps from your previous PC pin at their position. As soon as you sign in with a Microsoft account and connect to Wi-Fi, any former settings of other devices will be ported over so that you quickly become accustomed again. After backing up, you can try restoring in the out-of-box-experience (OOBE) while setting up a new PC or reset one of your PCs.
  2. Copilot for Windows: With preloaded artificial intelligence (AI) and Bing chat baked in, Windows 10 makes it simple for users to locate answers and complete tasks. Copilot is available through the Task bar and can be activated via WIN + C key combination.
  3. Redesigned File Explorer: We are modernizing the File Explorer/Windows Explorer with WinUI 3. The home page has been updated along with the address bar and the search box users see. Users can access their gallery collection quickly via the newly added gallery option in the navigation pane. Many improvements to the Details Pane have been done with some new additions like the context Information in the selected File (file thumbnails, Share settings and button, file activity, Related Files and Emails), etc.
  4. Taskbar Never Combined Mode: With the new update users can now have each button from running apps appearing on the Taskbar one by one separated, ungrouped & without the labels. It’s located in Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Change taskbar behavior on the Taskbar behaviors page.
  5. New Outlook for Windows app: We have known for a while that Microsoft was cooking up this latest Outlook replacement for the stock Mail app in Windows 11. It’s basically an app that acts as a stand in for the actual website and is designed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA).
  6. Improved Notepad app: To prevent any disturbance Notepad is saving user session and user can exit Notebook without disturbing message box now. At startup when user opened Notepad again it will restore previous session. Notepad also reopens tabs from before (with or without saves).
  7. Improved Paint app: It’s upgraded the original in-built Paint app with new AI functions like Cocreator, tools, & photo background removal.
  8. Improved Photos app: The Photos app now has native AI capability and cool things including background blur and better search.
  9. Improved Snipping Tool app: There are now new ways to capture the computer screen with the Snipping Tool app. Now users can select specific text from an image and copy the text to other apps. For the same, users can now protect sensitive data with text redaction on screen after capture. Also, the sniping tool now supports audio and mic for recording sound which makes it possible for users to produce interactive videos.
  10. Improved Clipchamp app: The ‘Auto Compose’ feature is now present in Clipchamp; which analyzes an image and will display suggestions for scenes, edits, narratives etc., as per user’s image that the person can use while making & editing videos as experts do.
  11. Accessibility improvements: new text authoring experiences via voice access and new natural sounding voices for Narrator.
  12. Dynamic Lighting: With this new feature, you have natively supported access to lighting devices implementing HID’s open Lamp Array specification. On the settings -> personalization -> dynamic lighting page you will be able to control and configure the HID Lamp Array.
  13. Built-in RAR file support: Support to read other archive file formats like .tar,.rar,.7z among others directly with the help of open–source library ‘lib archive’.
  14. Updates to Windows Firewall: Targeting firewall rules per apps or at least more granular firewall logs if not targeting rules.

Best way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature UpdateBest way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature UpdateBest way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature Update

For those unfamiliar with Windows 11’s confusing feature updates, here is how Microsoft allegedly plans to distribute the Best way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature Update:

23-September: The change can be found in the Release Preview Channel of Windows Insiders. And this is the last stage of beta prior to its general availability outside the Insider program.
26-September: Public release. You will need to choose a Stable Channel release to opt-in for Windows 11 Moment 4. In order for users to receive the update, they need to go to Windows Updates and click “Get notified of new optional content as soon as available”.
10-October: The fourth moment of windows 11 makes its debut as a member of October 2023 patch Tuesday. The upgrade is required for all users of Windows 11 who have not configured the default Windows Update settings. There is no need to do anything about installing Windows 11 Moment 4 — Windows 11 will download and install it on its own in the background.

Best way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature Update

    1. Press Win + I open the Settings app and tap on Windows Update > Windows Insider Program.
    2. Tap Get Started.
    3. Tap Link an account and select your Microsoft Account or sign in with one if you use a local profile.
    4. Tap Select Release Preview on the next step and Tap Continue.
    5. Verify your decision by clicking Continue onto Step 3.
    6. Restart your System.
    7. Open the Settings app once, tap on Windows Update, and press Check for updates.
    8. Now Wait for your system to download and install Windows 11 Moment 4.

NOTE: While late-breaking updates in the Release Preview Channel often end up mirrored on that which Microsoft releases to the broader population, bear in mind that signing up a device for the Windows Insider Program does introduce some risk of finding bugs. And for the vast majority of customers, it means one thing — wait for a couple of days until the matter will settle down.

2nd Option: Between September 26 and October 10,Best way to install Windows 11 Moment 4 Feature Update

    1. Open Settings app using any preferable method.
    2. Toggle onto the Get latest updates as soon as its available option.
    3. Tap to Check for an update. Windows 11 will give you the option to download available optional updates.
    4. Tap Download and Install, then relax and sit back and wait. Now, you can continue using your system while Windows downloads and installs the Moment 4 update.
    5. Note: It will ask you to restart your system to complete the process.

3rd Option: After October 10

    1. Launch the Settings app and go to Windows Update.
    2. Click Check for updates and wait.

4th Option: Later on

Microsoft is furthermore going to refresh Windows 11 accessible to download on its authority site and through the Media Creation Tool, so you would be able to reintroduce a Windows 11 Moment 4 purge establish. The exact release date is not known yet.

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