Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

Google has deprecated Android device administrator management, continues to remove management capabilities, and no longer provides fixes or improvements. Due to these changes, Intune will be ending support for Android device administrator management on devices with access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) beginning August 30, 2024. Until that time, we will support device administrator management on devices running Android 14 and earlier. For more details, read the blog:

Google has been gradually phasing out device administrator management features and no longer offers updates or enhancements. As a result of these changes, Microsoft Intune will stop supporting device administrator management on devices that have access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) starting from August 30, 2024.

However, Microsoft Intune will not continue to provide support for device administrator management on Android 14 or earlier until that date. Microsoft Intune uses Google Mobile Services (GMS) to communicate with the Microsoft Intune company portal while managing Android devices. In certain situations, these devices might experience interruptions or a complete lack of access to GMS, temporarily or permanently.

Alternatives to Android device administrator 

Intune offers many alternatives to device administrator that provide rich functionality for the many different scenarios for which you use device administrator today. Our recommendations depend on device ownership and whether the device has access to GMS. You may want to review the list of countries where Android Enterprise is available. The list below provides suggested alternate management methods for common device administrator use cases.

With access to GMS and without, devices have different impacts following support ending.

The Impact of end support includes 2 options: Devices with GMS vs. those without. Once Intune stops supporting Android device admins, GMS-enabled devices encounter changes subsequent to these events.

  • Device administrator access has been restricted for enrolling on Android devices.
  • After a while, Intune will no longer provide updates or changes related to Android device administration. Bug fixes, security upgrades, and compatibility adjustment are all included when dealing with new Android versions.
  • Any questions regarding those devices will no longer receive technical assistance from Intune.

Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

Steps for a Seamless Transition, Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

To ensure a seamless transition from Android Device Administrator to Android Enterprise, follow these steps:

  1. Assessment: Begin by assessing your current mobile device management infrastructure. Identify the devices and policies currently in use.
  1. Communication: Effective communication is key. Inform your IT team and end-users about the upcoming changes and their implications.
  1. Planning: Create a detailed migration plan, including a timeline, roles, responsibilities, and testing procedures.
  1. Testing: Thoroughly test the Android Enterprise setup in a controlled environment to identify and address any potential issues.
  1. Migration: Execute the migration plan according to the established timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.
  1. Training: Provide training and resources to your IT team and end-users to ensure they are well-equipped to navigate the new Android Enterprise environment.

the transition from Android Device Administrator to Android Enterprise in Intune is a significant step forward in enhancing mobile device management capabilities. It offers improved security, management features, and overall efficiency for organizations. To stay ahead in the ever-competitive digital landscape, embracing this transition is not just advisable; it’s imperative.

As we move forward into this new era of mobile device management, remember that staying informed and adapting to changes is paramount. By doing so, you can ensure the security, productivity, and compliance of your organization while maintaining a competitive edge in the digital realm.

Effective options to Android Device Administrator are provided by Intune, Intune Android End of Support for Device Admin

A collection of tailored solutions aimed at relieving mobile administrators of their burdens is presented by Microsoft Intune. Depending on ownership and connectivity status, what is the correct decision? Is Android Enterprise available in your country?

For more information about Intune you can simply visit and understand more about What is Intune?

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