Is Intune Part of Office 365?

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Office 365 does not include Microsoft Intune. This is another unique cloud-based service from Microsoft. Microsoft Intune focuses on device and application management, improving security measures, and enabling cost-effective management of devices in the organizational environment different from Microsoft Office 365 suite that provides productivity tools including word, excel, and outlook among others. The two services can be integrated so that they work perfectly together as one service, but they are different products of Microsoft. There is a difference between Office 365’s MDM and Intune. MDM is part of it and Intune stands alone.

Comparing Office 365’s MDM and Intune:

  • MDM is native, whereas Intune is standalone but integrates beautifully. Think of MDM as a part of Intune for comprehension. While not strictly connected, Intune provides with something more like MAM that is necessary for BYOD.
  • Understanding the Difference between Office 365’s MDM and Intune. MDM comes native with Intune, whereas Intune is standalone, yet integra table. To better understand, think of MDM as Intune’s subset. MAM is extended by Intune into BYOD support.
  • The Secret Power of MDM and Intune in Office 365. MDM includes ensuring device security and an additional standalone Intune- provides comprehensive mobile management such as MAM for BYOD support.
  • Organizations looking to ensure that their devices are secured benefit from having an MDM capable of managing Office 365 for their mobile devices. Luckily, most of the Office 365 subscriptions come with MDM.
  • On the other hand, Microsoft Intune acts as a substitute solution to mobile device management. Unlike MDM, Intune is not a native feature of Office 365; it is either a paid for subscription service or it comes bundled in as part of enterprise mobility and security.
  • Both encompass MDM functionalities. The purpose of this analysis is to know the difference between both the technologies.

Is Intune Part of Office 365?Is Intune Part of Office 365?Is Intune Part of Office 365?

Okay, so, the MDM in Office 365 and its Intune, it’s a great way of controlling your mobility arenas. For MDM, it’s the base package and Intune will come in as a paid up-grade or within EMS. But here’s the scoop: For BYOD and more, Intune has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that includes MAM.

Now we have some idea Is Intune Part of Office 365? MDM for Office 365 is indispensable for organizations that want to control their Android, iOS, and Window-based devices securely. Luckily, most Office 365 subscriptions come with MDM. Nevertheless, there is an alternative product of mobile device management known as Microsoft Intune. It’s not ‘built in’ or integral to Office 365 but can be subscribe on as a separate subscription, and as an element of EMS. While both have MDM, Intune is distinguished especially with its MDM service such as Mobility Application Management which is essential for companies adopting the BYOD culture.

MDM for Android, iOS, and Windows is secured in Office 365. Many subscriptions include it. In addition, there is MDM provided by EMS—as part of an additional separate paid service or as incorporated into Windows Intune). Make a difference and think of Intune as an added-on MDM.

Delving into Office 365’s MDM and Intune: MDM is incorporated, and Intune remains separate. Visualize an MDM as a Slice of Intune. However unrelated, Intune is more MAM ‘able, good of BYOD.

MDM and Office 365 are connected, while Microsoft Intune is used as an additional platform complementing Office 365. While frequently referred to as a subtype, MDM and Intune are separate entities. The scope of Is Intune Part of Office 365? Intune goes way beyond MDM and covers another powerful tool –Mobility Application Management (MAM). This is quite useful for companies that support the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model.

Now the picture is clear about Is Intune Part of Office 365? While MDM in Office 365 uses MDM-based, more inclusive offering such as MAM to support BYODs, Intune has been developed as an independent platform with more advanced functionalities

The MDM of Office 365 becomes one’s basic pack in managing things like phones. On the other hand, Intune is kind of the ‘deluxe’ version which you can buy and have complete control over it while managing the phones owned by your employees as well.


There are many QUESTION that arise in your mind and. So, tried to cover up all the question and answer for your better understanding.

Is Intune safe?

Utilizing or Using Intune that means all apps and devices are therefore staff comply with security requirements to keep all your business data always safe.

Is Intune easy to learn?

You cannot learn Intune within few days or few weeks because it is a completely based  SaaS solution. The only easy part for Intune  administration perspective is that all the base server infrastructure managed by Microsoft itself so, you don’t have to worry about hardware..

Is intune company portal safe?

Microsoft Intune assists enterprises in the management of app, data, and resources’ accessibility. The Company portal is a mobile application that you access to securely access your companies’ resources.

Is Intune MDM or MAM?

Intune MAM supports two configurations: MAM is used for apps, which allows IT administrators to manage devices using MDM when a device is enrolled into Intune. Customers should use Intune in the Microsoft Intune admin center for managing apps based on MDM + MAM.

Is Intune free?

Intune’s First Thirty Days are Free. If you have a separate work or school account, use it to login then subscribe for Intune. Alternatively, you can set up an entirely new account and make use of Intune for your organizational needs. Once, you have signed up a new account with us you cannot merge in an existence work or school account.

Is Intune part of Azure?

Intune is one component of Microsoft’s EMS Suite—Enterprise Mobility + Security. Intune integrates with Azure Active Directory, which helps determine who has access to this application and what he or she could access at.

Is Intune included in e3?

Microsoft Intune Plan 1 A cloud-based unified endpoint management solution that is included in the following licenses: Microsoft 365 E5. Microsoft 365 E3.

How does E3 differ with E5 Intune?

Microsoft EMS E5 contains everything in EMS E3 with three additions: Forget about the P2 Azure Active Directory! Here’s a new version that comes fully packed with Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management capabilities. The new functions will protect users from identity thefts and additionally will give more information about what action of administration has taken place.

What does E3 license include?

Desktop apps for E3, E-mail, Archiving, Information Protection, More Storage Options, etc. You will also get Intune for devices and Azure Information Protection (plan 1). Advanced BI, compliance, email, security and voice require businesses in need of advanced.

Are E3 and E5 licenses interchangeable?

You may even combine certain Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plans through one account to fit your company’s demands or objectives. But if you combine plans your current limit on the amount of users for each plan remains unchanged. Check with a Microsoft Partner to determine whether mixing licenses is the right move for your company.

Is OneDrive included in an E3 license?

The E3 plan includes everything mentioned in the E1 licenses along with some extras: Always keep in mind that the users are provided with all new word, excel, PowerPoint, Onenote, Outlook, OneDrive for Business, Teams, access and publisher updates.

How many devices does E3 have?

It is easy to keep working with office 365 E3 because the user will be able to install each software on up to five computers, five tablet devices and five smart phones. In this case, we will stop here because it is fundamental draw of Office 365 E3. You’re not deciding whether to have your office at home, you get it all!

What license does Intune require?

Upon signing up for the Intune free trial, a Microsoft Intune license will also be created for you . During this trial, you’re also getting an EMS trial subscription. It is a subscription which incorporates two products including; Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium.

Does E3 license include SharePoint?

As far as my research about Microsoft goes, as well as what I’ve read on the forums, it indicates that E3 license makes a user eligible to enterprise data on premises of SharePoint and allows installation on-prem.

How Do You Tell E3 From E5 Plan In Office 365?

It is composed of Office productivity suite, as well as core security features under Microsoft 365 E3. It’s a full suite of software that comes in one pack including Office 365Enterprise, Window 10/11 Enterprise and Enterprise mobility and security.

Is Viva included in E3?

In this case, it is Outlook & Teams that features viva sales functionality. To link with Viva Sales, users need M365 E3/E5 products and capabilities as well as a CRM system. They will get it for free if they are using Dynamics 365 Sales (Enterprise, Premium, MRSs).

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